Our process is outlined below, but in nutshell it starts with you and your academy.


No ‘techno-babble’ or ‘geek speak’!  A simple conversation about what you want to achieve, improve, change or manage better.  Once we know this, we’ll recommend which technologies to use and how to apply them to assist you.


1Discuss your Goals. We need to know what you want.  We’ll help you brainstorm and generate ideas.


2Once we know what you want, we’ll Create a Plan to help you achieve your academy goals!


3Presentation of the plan.  We’ll recommend the technologies we feel would best suit your Academy. As well, we’ll recommend the best course of action for maintaining your Academy site that’s fits into your budget.


4Once you have signed off on the project, the next step is to determine an overall look. We have thousands of templates for you to look at to stimulate your creative juices.


5Organizing materials. As the site ‘look’ is being designed, you begin collecting materials; pictures, text, etc.  If you have an existing site, we’ll import as much information as we can for you.


6Installing components. Your work is done!  We begin installing picture galleries, social media, calendars, whatever we deemed important in the discovery phase.  Don’t worry: if we you want to install or add something later that was not part of the original plan, no worries!  Our sites are fully scalable and can be added onto at any time.


7Preview and Test. With a working mock-up in place, we review and test the site to make sure it’s as agreed upon.


8Official Launch. Your site goes live!


9Technical Site Training. On site training to make sure you know how to edit the site if you wish.


10Website Maintenance. Ongoing data added to site to help you run and market your Academy efficiently and professionally.


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